My get up for the actual pride parade

The other day I wrote about going to pride and clubbing for the first time, but today I would like to talk about another new experience I had on the same weekend. I knew that we were going to go clubbing and I didn’t want to be stuck out all night. In addition, I wanted to be able to escape at any time during the weekend if I needed too. I wanted a place to go to if it became too crowded, if I got too tired, if it was too hot, or it was too late. My friends and I had originally planned to go to pride on Friday as well but I’m glad we didn’t because I don’t think I could have stood up on Monday if that were the case. Through some misunderstandings, I booked a hostel over the weekend for Friday night and Saturday night for myself.


View from Window

Friday night, I ended up staying there alone. Leading up to it I felt nervous, but I also understood that Japan is a lot safer than most places around the world (Including the US). The place I chose had pretty shining reviews on Hostels.com. I could have canceled but decided dive into the opportunity for a small adventure and for the first time, stay somewhere by myself. I got there nearly an hour early 



View of Street from Window


thinking I would get lost on the way, but they let me in anyway. The place was really nice. I mean it wasn’t a 5-star hotel obviously but it was clean and it was decorated very nicely. The man who greeted me and checked me in was very nice and the other employees were wonderful as well. They made the place feel kinda homey. In Japanese or English, they would speak informally but still politely.


Shallow river running


I had planned to go out that night but decided to give myself the night off, go to a conbini (convenience store) and get some food, and binge watch Netflix. The following night one of my friends stayed with me and we both really liked it there. The place was set up more like a capsule hotel than a hostel. Everyone get’s their own sort of cubby. At the bottom, there was a curtain you could close for privacy or for sleeping. The beds were cozy and very stable. Not at all like bunk beds that are the typical hostel set up from what I understand. Their bathrooms were also very nice. The shower was actually pretty wide. It fit me quite comfortably and I’m huge (especially here), so I was very pleased. I was so happy to have a shower by myself for my stay.


Overall, my two nights there was a very pleasant experience. I might consider going back just as a place for me to retreat to if I need it. I felt safe and the other guest were friendly but most kept to themselves. From my experience, it seems like the perfect place for someone who is traveling alone or a pair to stay a couple nights on their way to the next place. It was pretty inexpensive, especially considering we were booking on the weekend of Pride and of Golden Week. They are called Tokyo Fuji Hostel. They aren’t in the middle of Tokyo, which is a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for, but they are only about 10 to 15 minutes from the center and they are literally right next door to the subway station. I would definitely recommend it (I am in no way sponsored by them, by the way).

The experience has definitely given me more confidence in my ability to get around but also to travel while I’m here, even if by myself. I know to be careful, but I also know what to look for now when picking good places to stay. I think I might just do a blog on that later. I had a great time that weekend. It was filled with firsts. I’m glad I have pictures and this blog to look back on in the future. As always thank you for reading. Keep those comments coming, and consider subscribing to my blog. I plan to post again soon.



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